The Clearline

The A&E Clearline air gauge has proved itself to be an extremely accurate workhorse in a wide range of applications.

Easy To Read Scale

Clear open scale and large pointer reduces operator errors and fatigue.

Metric Only Or Inch/Metric Scales

Metric are coloured yellow. Dual scale marks are coloured red for metric and black for inches.

Coloured Tolerance Pointers

Red and green are adjustable to any position.

Fast Response

The oil filled pressure gauge ensures fast response and stable readings.

Magnification Control

The use of high and low setting masters ensures maximum precision.

Sensitive Zero Control

Provides a smooth action for fine setting.

Rapid Gauge Connection

The bayonet connector enables gauge heads to be changed rapidly.

Easily Connected To Mains Supply

Connection to air mains is by means of the ISO G 1/4 parallel pipe thread (1/4 BSP).

Double Filtration

Double filters dealing with liquid, vapour and solid contaminants are fitted as standard for added protection and longer life.

Pressure Check Gauge

This provides an instant check on input pressure.

Low Air Consumption

Maximum air consumption on any model when flowing toatmosphere through the gauge head is 1.0m³/hour (0.5ft³/min).

High Operating Pressure

300kN/m² (43psi).

Air Supply Pressure

410kN/m² (60psi)
 Measurement Clearline Multiway Clearline
 Height 280mm 280mm
 Width 200mm 250mm
 Depth (over filters) 300mm 400mm
 Weight 6.7kg 9.4kg
Metric Only
 Model Number Range (mm) Scale Marked
 A100-23 ± 0,025 25-0-25
 A100-24 ± 0,050 50-0-50

Clearline Dials

Clearline Dials

Clearline Gauges

These are the most popular Clearline gauges. They offer a choice of two measuring ranges and the option of metric only, or Inch/metric scales.
Clearline 2 Gauges
 Model Number Range (Inch/mm) Scale Marked
 A100-63 ± 0,001
± 0,025
 A100-63 ± 0,002
± 0,050

Clearline Range

Air plugs and air rings for use with Clearline units are marked with this symbol. It is important to check that the gauge is also marked with the correct Clearline range for the unit being used.

Multi-Way Clearline

With this versatile space saving gauge, up to three measuring heads (pIugs or rings) may be used in sequence. Based on the Clearline gauge, it offers all the scale options of this series.

The bayonet gauge connectors are located at the rear of the unit and each gauge channel consists of a completely independent circuit with its own magnification and zero control.

Channels are brought into operation by the simple rotation of a numbered lever switch at the side of the unit. There is no interaction between channels and switching may take place in any sequence.

The Multi-way, Clearline provides a rapid means of gauging a number of dimensions without the need to change and re-set the gauging heads.

To specify the dial required, prefix Model No. quoted in above Clearline table with 3, e.g 3/A100-23 for Multi-way Clearline with ±0.025mm dial.
Multiway Clearline Gauge

Air Filter Regulator Bracket (AFRB)

It is recommended that an Air Filter Regulator unit (A&E Gauges part no. 95050641) is incorporated into the supply upstream of the air/electronic converter (AE6). Fitted with 1/4 BSP fittings at inlet and outlet this unit filters the mains air supply for solids and liquids & regulates it to the exact pressure required to supply the single AE6 & gauge head.
Up to four outputs can be served by one AFRB with the optional manifold (A&E Gauges part no. 95050284) fitted.