Caliper With Handle


Fixed Size Calipers

Designed specifically for volume production and fitted with an electronic probe. Fixed size calipers are of extremely robust construction and offer long life and reliability when used in workshop conditions.

Made to any specified size within the range 2,4 to 127mm/0.094 - 5.00in the caliper has a small adjustment of ± 0,25mm/0.01in from the actual size.

Many special designs of anvils can be supplied. Quotation given on receipt of requirements. Sizes below 50mm/2.0in are held by insulated side buttons, the larger sizes being fitted with a hand grip which is well placed to give balanced application and excellent repeatability of reading. Broad tungsten carbide anvils are supplied as standard but special shapes can be made to order.

Calibrated setting plug gauges can be supplied with UKAS certification if required.