About Us

A&E Gauges Ltd. was formed July 1st 1999 as a management buy-out from Brown & Sharpe PMI Ltd. The Shareholders are all former employees of Mercer Brown & Sharpe Ltd. Most of the current employees were previously employed by Thomas Mercer Ltd. St. Albans in the manufacture of Air Gauging equipment.

Air Gauge instrumentation and dedicated measuring equipment for the full range of Air Gauge products are now manufactured at our works on the original site of the Mercer Air Gauging factory in Redbourn, Hertfordshire.

Air gauging equipment allows fast accurate measurement of holes and shafts with close tolerance dimensions. In addition to size measurement components can be checked for ovality, lobing, straightness and concentricity.

Air Gauging

Air Gauge products can be applied to single and multiple dimension applications, ie. taper, duplex, triplex plugs etc. Air Gauge Systems are particularly beneficial because "non contact" and self-cleaning characteristics reduce damage to component surface finish.

Measurement can be easily and swiftly carried out on the shop floor if required by machine operators thus minimising the potential for the manufacture of unacceptable components.


Your gauging and inspection procedures are a critical part of your production process, and their integrity is vital to your business. A&E Gauges can help support your gauging requirements. We can offer calibration of your air gauge equipment on-site or in-house at Redbourn.

UKAS Certs for setting rings/masters can be supplied with all gauges. Conformity and in house calibration certificates are available if preferred. A & E Gauges gauging references are fully traceable to National Standards.